The FoodCare API

The FoodCare API

Basic Nutrition Facts was the first generation of guidance. Now it's time to deliver personalized Nutrition Insights!

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Nutrition Facts API Is Free.

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That means that your users can view more than the nutrition facts for a food item; we've translated those nutrition facts based on their personal dietary needs and preferences. Our guidance comes from sound clinical sources including the Institutes of Medicine, the National Kidney Foundation, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the National Osteoporosis Foundation and many more. Furthermore, your users can connect with their personal Registered Dietitians and get the most individualized guidance of all, and receive personalized Nutrition Insights immediately. Our platform offers you true Nutrition-as-a-Service™

Please check out our Private Label "turn-key" Apps. Would you like your users to be able to upload their own family recipes and get Nutrition Insights on those recipes? We've got a turn-key web app you can seamlessly integrate (and brand) into your own site. Want to launch your own mobile app that delivers advanced Nutrition Insights? We can have you up and running in a few days!

We also offer a different type of strategic partnership. We can connect you with revenue generating opportunities from several sources, and in the meantime we can provide your users with an engaging and personalized experience.

What's Available In Our API? 

  • Personalized Nutrition Insights for numerous chronic health conditions based on standard dietary guidelines or Registered Dietitian customizations
  • Tens of thousands of food items including recipes, restaurant dishes, grocery items, snacks, beverages and vitamins and supplements
  • Ability to track food item consumption throughout the day (food journaling)
  • Users can request restaurants or other foodservice establishments be added to our database
  • Personalized meal plans pre-integrated with food logs (private beta and not available under general release yet)
  • Coming soon, dynamic dietary guidance based on food items consumed throughout the day

What's Not Available?

  • We don't know... ask for it and we'll do it!
  • Our API is available on Mashery which makes us getting up and running super easy.
  • If you have questions, email and we'll get on the phone to talk about API capabilities and partnership options.

Access Our API

  • Follow the steps below to start using the API:
    1. Register for a user account.
    2. Apply for an API key.
    3. Browse the written or interactive documentation.
    4. Join a discussion in the forums.